Davion is a Soldier #SaveOurKids #SaveOurBoys

I probably shouldn’t be commenting on Davion Navar Henry Only (that’s his full name) going to church and asking to be adopted, but I am. You see, I was raised to be a part of the solution and since my ability to do anything immediately is limited, I hesitate. However, this is one of those gut and heart wrenching stories that deserves some comment.

Davion is a soldier. Period.

Davion on the left. [Photo credit: Tampabay.com]

It took great courage and probably a whole lot of battle fatigue to get up in front of that congregation and tell his story. It took a whole more courage to ask folks to consider adopting him, a 15-year old who had been in countless foster homes. Some of us can’t ask for jobs, assistance with yard work or anything, let alone something like adoption, because we can’t stand rejection or the thought of being rejected. Davion who has known nothing but rejection didn’t blink. In his short life, he probably learned something most of us have not and that’s to ask anyway – pride be damned.

From experience as an educator, a principal and a man, I’ve seen the kids like Davion who are in the system and that resilience I’m applauding can take a kid either way. It can make them determined and focused on overcoming their adversities or it can make them bitter and jaded, giving up hope and feeling discarded. Davion is 15 and soon to age out of the system. He needs help now. He needs encouragement. Why should he be another kid with a false bravado out on the streets?

So far, according to the news, no one has seriously inquired about adopting him. [You can read more about him HERE.]

That’s all I’ve got for now though this is on my mind. If you have any thoughts about Davion or foster kids, leave a comment below this post. Thank you.

Dr. Grady


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