A Mile in These Right Here

1457646_10202201844823789_546883157_nOff the top of my head I cannot tell you how many feet or miles I log a day working as an administrator. I walk a lot and I move fast. If I sit long enough to hear my own thoughts, I hear the voices of need. The need of my staff, the teachers and above all, the need of the students. Sometimes my thoughts are filled with what I don’t hear, which can be almost anything from a student hiding his or  her fears or maybe a deep-seated hurt. All I know is I walk a lot and think on these feet constantly.

I know these purple shoes are over the top, but the fact that they are purple is what caught my attention. Maybe you looked at those shoes and thought the person who owns them has it easy – doesn’t know lack or poverty – that they’ve got it good. We rarely stop to think what it took for someone to get a pair of shoes like that, do we? It could be those shoes were a gift from a family member or friend. It could be those shoes were a reward after years of saving. Or it could be they were stolen, which is the worst case scenario.

All we know is that (1) we don’t own them and (2) they are someone else’s feet. We don’t know what type of journey the feet in the shoes has lived or been on. So much for judging a person by their shoes.

The point I have to make is simple enough, and that is, the next time you look down at someone’s feet maybe you should ask yourself less about the shoes and more about their walk in life. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle. Most people have a journey worthy of respect.

I’d like to think I do, and I’d like to think you do too.



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