#TravelTuesday Tips to Help Your Children Explore the World

Time and money are never excuses for exploring the world. If you are a parent who is both lacking in time and money, don’t let it stop you from encouraging your children to be curious about the world. I’m sharing a few tips and recommendations that will assist you in making the world bigger for your children. ~ ges

  1. Check your local TV and cable (or satellite) listings for travel documentaries the whole family can enjoy. Or make it a requirement that your child watch and report to you what they learned from their program. Here are a couple: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is entertaining and engaging enough to hold their attention. PBS Create’s Travel with Kids is also a program that is engaging but it gives great information about the locations too.
  2. Buy a globe for your home. You don’t have to purchase an expensive one, there are many that are affordable and you can even find them at yard sales and thrift stores. The point is get them accustomed to seeing the world in your home. Here is an inflatable globe for small children HERE.
  3. Travel for Kids is a cool website that is basically for parents, but is filled with resources like book lists, videos and games as well as tips for travel to almost anywhere around the world.
  4. Take them to multicultural events in your city and encourage them to speak to people of different cultures about their countries of origin. Teach them how to be a conversationalist by simply having them ask a stranger, “If I were your guest in your city, where would you take me?”
  5. Make sure they get the most of language classes. Buy them instructional DVDs and create opportunities for them to practice speaking that language even if they cannot travel.

Dream your dreams of travel too, parents. Who knows? Time and money will mysteriously appear when you’re ready. ~ ges


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