How I Got to College: Singer, Educator @tnicolemusic

I went to attend California State University, Sacramento on a Greyhound Bus. My mother did not own a car. I did not own luggage. I packed my stuff in cardboard boxes. My mother and I rode the Greyhound bus to Sacramento.
When we got to Sacramento, we took a cab to the campus where I moved into the dorm room. I did not have a TV, a microwave, or any of the fancy amenities that some of the other kids had. I did have determination and the dreams of my family.

My family didn’t always have money to give. I would get my toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant, and other hygiene items when I came home. Those were the things that counted to me.

My family had sacrificed a lot so that I could be well educated. They believed in me. I was the first of my mother’s children to attend a Four Year University . I didn’t know what that would mean or how that would impact my family. I am grateful for their sacrifices. I am grateful I graduated with two degrees.

More importantly, I am grateful for the legacy my family has now created. My oldest sister has been an extremely successful business owner and trendsetting entrepreneur. My other sister went back to school at 40 and earned three college degrees in six years while working full time and raising a family. My younger brother earned his college degree and owns his own business in financial planning.Now, my nieces and nephews are graduating from college. It is our new legacy as a family.

I am not ashamed of how I got to college. I am proud more than proud of it….

~Tamika Nicole~


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