.@feliciagopaul Presenting: The 2014 Online Stacking Course

Have you already spent hours on the internet looking for financial aid information? Have you found similar information on multiple sites but nothing that seems to be specifically tailored to you and your situation? Do you wonder if you should be concentrating your efforts on getting grants, scholarships, student loans or . . . something else? Have you gotten to the point that your plan is simply relying on whatever the colleges will give you for financial aid?

Do you wonder if a more deliberate approach would make a difference?  If so, then this course is just for you.  You’ll learn how college funding is a simple, step-by-step process. By the time you finish the course, you’ll have not only learned where the money to pay for college is coming from, but how to find more in the future.  And you will also have learned which types of financial don’t benefit your situation and why.

As a parent there is always the fear…

Have I done all the right things?

Will my child’s future be limited because I missed something or didn’t do something?

Will my child have to go to a particular college or university that’s not their first choice because I didn’t prepare for it?

The guilt and stress can be overwhelming

Getting the right information at the right time can go a long way to reduce the anxiety and fear of making a mistake.   The consequence for your child of not getting the right information could be hefty student loans, not going to the college of their choice, or going to a technical school instead of a 4-year college.  And the consequence for you as a parent is the realization that you squandered an opportunity that you had plenty of time to take.

It’s a big deal

If you don’t handle this process correctly, you lose your biggest asset – which is time. The best part of this process is that you have time.  The worst part is that you have time and it’s easy to ignore it until you’re out of time and options.

It begs the $100,000 Question

What would you say if I asked “Can you get your checkbook and write a good check for $100,000 (average of $25,000 for private school education) for your child’s education today?”

Most parents answer “no.” [Read the rest Here.)


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