Standing Desks to Improve Attention Span and Reduce Childhood Obesity?

We know that activity is good for everybody, especially children. Physical exercise promotes good brain and body health. What if there was a solution that not only increased a student’s attention span but also proved good for reducing obesity?

Standing work stations for adults in the office are becoming popular and people swear by their usefulness. An article in Fast Company (Standing Desks are Coming to Schools) states the following:

…according to a study from three schools in Texas. It shows that when kids are given the opportunity to stand during classroom time, they burn more calories and seem to have greater attention span.

The research, conducted by A&M associate professor Mark Benden, introduced “stand-biased” desks to 480 students in three elementary schools in the College Station Independent School District. Each kid wore a sensor on their arm to record “step count” and “calorie expenditure” across five consecutive school days.

The results showed the raised desks (which have stools nearby) significantly increased activity. The students burned 15% more calories than a control group that used traditional sitting desks.

You can click the link above in the article title to read more. The findings of this research seems to counter all we’ve been taught about being still in the classroom but there also seems to offer some hope in getting students to remain attentive.

What do you think?

Dr. Grady



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