.@zoliezi the Children’s Book Character with an Anti #bullying Message #FF

This is National Bullying Prevention Month and I will be highlighting the good works of people who are voices. One interesting and exceptional voice is a book character, Zolie Zi, who is featured in a book series. The first Zolie Zi book is The Adventures of Zolie “Miss Chit Chat” Zi: Bully Bullies. Here is a brief description:

Zolie Zi is normally a very happy person who loves school until she has to face a very difficult problem with two of her classmates who find it fun to bully her everyday. But here’s the worst thing about her being bullied: She doesn’t want to go to school at all any more. Will Zolie do the right thing and tell her teacher or a responsible adult that she is being bullied? Or will she spend her entire school year being bullied?

Sonya J. Bowser

The author is Sonya J. Bowser who is a writer out of Dallas, Texas. Little did she know that her great idea for a children’s character would become so popular. Celebrity children like ABC’s black-ish actress Yara Shahidi,  Nya-Jolie Walters, and prodigy Mabou Loiseau are supporters as well as the children of celebs like Diddy’s twins, D’Lila and Jessie.

Her book was written for 7-12 year olds but even tweens and teens like it.

Support Zolie Zi by liking her Facebook page HERE and following her on Twitter HERE.


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