Top educational apps from Verizon Wireless

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(KPLR)- With summer in the rear-view mirror and children back in the swing of school, it’s time to showcase a handful of helpful apps that can keep them engaged and learning.

Verizon spokesperson Shawn Fields stopped by to share their top educational apps for kids.

Educational apps and utilities, such as the Verizon Wireless Educational Tools, play an increasingly important role in furthering students` learning and enhancing their coursework.

Shawn also gave us a list of Top Picks to help keep students` minds active and engaged outside the classroom.

Top Picks:

· Quizlet is a free education site that provides a wealth of personalized study tools. The site`s mobile app syncs with users` Quizlet accounts, giving them access to their study sets while on the go. Students and parents can also search Quizlet`s database of more than 50 million flash card sets to find learning content…

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