10 Twitter Accounts to Follow for #Scholarships & Info via @scholarshipguru

This excerpt is from an article that features 10 Twitter accounts to follow for scholarship and college information. The accounts are for high school students, but parents should also follow. 

10 Twitter Handles for High School Students

Are you a current high school student? If so, I’m betting that you spend most of your free time on your smartphone. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, your phone is a great college planning tool. You can use it to access social media sites that are teeming with information on how to improve your SAT or ACT scores, where to find scholarships, and how to put together a stellar college application. One of my favorite go-to resources for all things college is Twitter. Why? It’s simple. I can easily search for what I need (#scholarships, #collegeplanning, etc.) without having to deal with advertisements and other distractions. I can also post a question and get answers in a matter of seconds. If you’re thinking about college, or planning to attend very soon, it’s worth your time to follow these 10 Twitter handles for high school students!

College Money

Looking for scholarships and other financial aid help? These four Twitter handles will teach you everything you need to know about searching, applying, and winning free money for college.

college money1. @ScholarshipGuru

It’s no surprise that I would putScholarshipExperts.com at the top of the list. They tweet out four to six scholarships every day, along with other relevant content about financial aid. They are quick to answer any questions you may have and often post scholarships from outside their own website. If you need money for college, this is the Twitter feed to follow.


Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, manages this account. They offer daily tips on scholarships, grants, and other types of college financial aid. During peak FAFSA season, they even answer questions in real time. If you’re a current college junior, be sure to add this handle to your list.

3. @AidScholarship

I absolutely love Monica Matthews. She helped her son win over $100,000 for college and is the author of How to Win College Scholarships. She offers great tips about the scholarship application process and often tweets out new opportunities. Her advice is never preachy, and she’s always willing to help. Monica is one of the first tweeps I check out when I wake up each day.

4. @mint

You can learn a lot from this Twitter handle. Not only does it teach you how to budget, but also how to track saving goals and make sensible financial decisions regarding college and life. It may not be as fun as some of the other Twitter accounts, but you’ll be grateful for the tips and tricks once you become a broke college student. [Discover the other 6 HERE.] Dr. Grady


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