How I Got to College: Newspaper Editor, Blogger @lovebabz

I was the first one to go to college in my family… however I was not the first one ACCEPTED into to college. My Mother was accepted into Wake Forrest University, but my maternal grandparents were afraid for my mother and forbid her to go. They didn’t think a “Colored Girl” had any business going to college and gettin’ White folks nervous…giving them cause to come a’lynchin’. So my Mother migrated to CT met my father got married and had 4 kids. All of my life I heard I must go to college.My mom gave me two choices… I could go to college, or I could go to college. I did. I chose Barber-Scotia College in Concord, NC. A historically Back college (HBCU) the school Mary McCloud Bethune attended. That was something… I was an ardent admirer of Mrs. Bethune.

Getting to college was no easy feat… there were a great many obstacles…guidance counselors who thought that my vocational -technical education in culinary arts was enough and that college was just a waste of my time as I was learning a trade. But I had a community of folks who were determined that I would go. My Aunt Catherine (now deceased) , who worked at Yale University in the math department typed all my applications and essays. In 1980-81 there wasn’t an internet… no way of getting applications online! Off I went to the South. I thrived. I blossomed! it was one of the best decisions ever made in my life.

Today I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Inner-City News, a Black owned weekly newspaper in New Haven,CT. I am also a professional Blogger, mother of 4 children I adopted, a former twice-elected public official, former Police Commissioner, Adjunct Professor, National Urban Fellow with a masters in public administration, radio personality, writer and world traveler. All that I am, I owe to that fine college education.


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