What Do College Admissions Counselors Look for on Applications? via @Morris_Chestnut

It’s more than cool that acclaimed actor Morris Chestnut cares about the future of young people to post articles on his blog about college admission and other topics like fatherhood and causes. Not only can his fans keep up with his activities and projects but they can also learn about the things that interest him, like kids, on his blog, The MC Camp. That’s where I found this article about college admission standards. I’ve posted part of it for your interest, and at the end below you will find a direct link to finish. ~  ges

It’s that time of year when college applications are looked upon with anticipation but also stressed out stares from students. Colleges, universities, trade schools and specialty schools all have varying qualifications, but there are some admissions guidelines that are pretty standard. Below are some items to bear in mind in order to make a good impression on those admissions counselors.

As part of the “process of elimination”, college placement tests such as the SAT and ACT remains tools that the admissions departments use to determine if you even qualify to apply to their schools. Most colleges will use these exams as a guideline. However, there are still colleges that don’t use the SAT or ACT, at list of 800 colleges that don’t use the placement tests are here: http://www.fairtest.org/university/optional . There are over 800 institutions that don’t use these tests including, Bryn Mawr College , California State University, Texas A&M University and Julliard College.

– See more at: http://themccamp.morrischestnut.com/node/47#sthash.jJ7k90hu.6tvg4Yh9.dpuf



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