@bowtiecause Makes BowTies with Purpose #NationalTieMonth

In celebration of National Tie Month, I am featuring programs and people who are doing great things for their communities and the world at large. This week I am featuring The BowTie Cause founded by former NFL player Dhani Jones. The information below is from their site and when you get a chance, look over the online store to see if maybe your cause is represented. ~ ges

The Start of The Cause

After being drafted by the New York Giants in 2000, Dhani Jones was challenged by his good friend Kunta Littlejohn when he said, “If you wanna be somebody, you gotta rock a BowTie.” Dhani thought he was crazy and dismissed it. At the time, Kunta was battling Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Dhani had been searching for a way to support him. As clarity begets action, Dhani started rockin’ a BowTie in silent support of his good friend. Today, Kunta has fully recovered and they both rock BowTies to support others. Since its beginning in 2010, BowTie Cause has provided the same avenue of support that Dhani gave Kunta, by designing signature BowTies for organizations around the country.



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