.@salemtownboard Teaches At-Risk Youth How to Build Skateboards

Salemtown Board Co. The miracle business. He pays no rent or utilities. Someone built his site for free and another person provided visual branding as a gift. He, in turn, hires young black kids in Nashville to build skateboards. He is teaching them to fish.

Will Anderson is a seminarian who was raised by a mother who taught him how to use power tools as a kid. According to his story on Start up, Will learned how to make skateboards and decided to start a business doing so in Nashville, Tennessee.  The most compelling aspect of Will’s story is that he pays young guys, who could be in the streets or doing something else, to work as production and assembly workers.

Kendrius Smith and Brandon Smith (no relations) were featured on the show. They spoke highly of Will as a boss, teacher, mentor and father-figure. I applaud Will for teaching the young men skills they can use in any economy – good or bad – and any walk of life they choose. They’ll always be able to work to eat, but they will also have something to pass on to other young men.

Kendrius Smith [Photo: Salemtown Boards]

Brandon Smith [Photo: Salemtown Boards]

 Here’s a thought: Contact Salemtown and ask Will which boards were made by Kendrius and Brandon and then make a purchase to support their craft and artistry. Help Will to keep helping them and other young men in the future. Hat tip them by sending them a note too.

 Dr. Grady


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