via @feliciagopaul Refer a Gifted #HighSchool #Junior to @QuestBridge

Financial aid expert Felicia Gopaul never fails with providing excellent information about opportunities for low-income students and their parents. Please take a look at this referral program from QuestBridge that came to us thanks to Felicia. If  you are a parent, counselor or teacher or mentor, this information could help you help a kid. ~ Dr. Grady

From the QuestBridge site:

We are currently accepting referrals for high school students graduating in 2016 (current high school juniors) for the 2015 College Prep Scholarship. If you refer younger students, we will contact them when they become eligible (by graduation year) for one of our programs.

We are no longer accepting referrals for the 2014 National College Match application, which is due on September 26, 2014.

What happens to my referral?
Your referral allows us to reach potential applicants directly. We will send them helpful information, such as deadline reminders, college planning advice, and general tips and updates to aid them through the QuestBridge application. Referrals are NOT nominations. They are NOT REQUIRED for a student to apply!




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